West Virginia Family Camping

Sand Springs Campground-Morgantown WV
A Few Basic Rules & Information:
  1. Pets are welcome when on a short hand leash and kept QUIET!!!Pets must be friendly. Pets must not be left unattended, NO pets are allowed in any building, pool area, or playground. YOU MUST CLEAN UP AFTER YOU PET!!! Pet litter is to be cleaned up immediately. Carry a bag and scooper when walking. Present current RABIES CERTIFICATE when checking in.

  2. CHECKOUT TIME IS NOON: Please clean up your site before leaving.

  3. QUIET HOURS: Between 10 pm and 8 am disorderly conduct will not be tolerated. Violators of this policy will be asked to leave.

  4. VEHICLES of any type other than the one used to pull your camper or towed by your motorhome are not permitted in the camping area or on any of our property. This means no ATV's, GO-CARTS, MOTOR BIKES or any other type of motorized vehicle used for recreation can be used on the property by guest. SPEED LIMIT is 5 MPH. WATCH FOR CHILDREN & BIKES.

  5. FIREWORKS, METAL DETECTORS are not pertmitted.

  6. HOUSEHOLD GARBAGE is to be put in plastic bags and placed in the dumpster behind the office on your way out. PLEASE NOTE: household garbage does not include coolers, chairs, cots, tents, ground cloths, tires, batteries, or any other items that you may want to get rid of. We all seek prosecution for littering, dumping, violation of EPA regulations or any other violation & seek the maximum fine.

  7. No washing of vehicles or campers. PLEASE do not waste water. THANKS.

  8. Children under the age of 18 are the responsibility of there parents. Children under the age of 10 must be supervised at all times.

  9. Visitors must register & pay a ground use fee. All sites are based on 1 camping unit, and 4 people.

  10. 10. Ground Fires Ground fires are permitted in fire rings only. Do not cut,mutilate,drive nails,or otherwise damage our trees, bushes or plants. Fines can and will be imposed.

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